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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How To Increase Your Confidence Level


Recognize Your Accomplishments

So plenty of of us go on living day to day, without looking back and enjoying the view. See all those things you have accomplished? Be proud of them. It does not matter how little something may appear, it is important to celebrate the little victories as much as the huge ones. You are awesome and you know it. Look at everything you have completed

Do not Listen To The Haters

No matter who you are, what you do, where you live; there's going to be individuals who do not like you. Most the time they are not even going to have a nice reason for it. There's individuals who are going to become annoyed at your success and take out their jealousy on you in the type of anger. Do you best to keep away from such people. All they do is hold you back from your full potential. Tell yourself over and over in case you need to, that you are not what they say you are.

Surround Yourself By Lovely People

You know what happens to individuals who are around negative, insecure people? They become negative, insecure people. In case you need to boost your confidence, hang around with individuals who put themselves out there and are proud of who they are, what they do and know what they need out of life. The people around you; whether friends or relatives are supposed to boost you up, not push you down. When people are positive and speak their mind, you are going to become more accustomed to that behaviour and it will soon become second nature to you.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

The most essential & probably the most tough way to increase your confidence is to push yourself. Do those works that make you uncomfortable & make you feel like walking away. This is the best way to get to know yourself. Follow your heart & do what you know is best. Never avoid in the event you can prevent it. Take life head on & your confidence is going to greatly increase.

When it comes down to it, the way you do these steps does not matter. All that matters is that you get them completed. It may take you months, it may take you years but one time you get to that confident point in your life, you are going to feel much better.
ourself feel nice.

Be Social

Nothing is worse for you than spending all of your time in your house; when your friends call, you make up some kind of story as to why you can not make it this time. In case you find yourself avoiding your friends, it is time for a alter. You may not think it matters all that much but getting out there, having some fun and spending time with people you care about is important. Everyone needs time to vent and get all the stresses of life off your chest. If all you do is work you are going to become depressed, and while you may be going through the motions of life; you are not going to be truly living. Living is being happy and being happy is being confident.

Interesting Facts

  • Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

  • Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
  • Both were shot in the back of the head in the presence of their wives.
  • Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
  • Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
  • Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
  • Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.
  • Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.
  • Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre. Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, made by Ford.
  • Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran And hid in a theater.
  • Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

  • Anatidaephobia is the pervasive, irrational fear that, somewhere in the world, a duck is watching you. The person believes that no matter where they are or what they are doing, a duck is watching them.
    The people who suffer from this phobia have suffered some sort of trauma in their lives, likely when he or she was a child. This trauma probably had to do with a duck or some sort of related water fowl, like a goose. Perhaps the person was attacked by one of these animals.Some of the symptoms of this phobia include an anxiety or panic attack. This results in a dry mouth, shortness of breath, muscle tension, hyperventilation, etc.

    Cracking your knuckles does not actually hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting. 

    Cracking your knuckles (or any of your joints) can have therapeutic benefits. When you crack one of your joints you are pulling the bones that are connected at the joint apart from each other. This process stimulates your tendons, relaxes your muscles, and loosens your joints. Chiropractors do this for spinal joints when your back is sore and stiff, but you can do this on your own for your knuckles, toes, knees, neck, etc. 

    Monday, 3 June 2013

    Top 5 Fastest Car In The World

    1. SSC Ultimate Aero

    The SSC Aero is an American-built mid-engine sports car by Shelby Super Cars. Its higher-performance limited production version, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, is currently the fastest production car in the world, with a fastest recorded speed of 413 km/h (257 mph).This speed was reportedly achieved during tests on September 13, 2007 in West Richland, Washington, United States and verified by Guinness World Records on October 9, 2007.

    2. Bugatti Veyron

    The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is a mid-engine sports car produced by Volkswagen Group subsidiary Bugatti Automobiles SAS introduced in 2005. It is currently the fastest accelerating and decelerating production car in the world. It is currently also the most expensive production car available at a price of 1.1 million Euro. It is able to achieve the second highest top speed for a production car, behind the SSC Ultimate Aero TT .

    3. Koenigsegg CCX

    The Koenigsegg CCX is a mid-engined roadster from Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg. The CCX has been engineered to comply with the US regulation and market demands and is an evolutionary design that replaced the Koenigsegg CCR. CCX is an abbreviation for Competition Coupe X; the X commemorating the 10th anniversary, (being the Roman numeral for ten), of the completion and test drive of the first CC vehicle in 1996

    4. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

    The Saleen S7 is a limited production, hand built high-performance automobile developed jointly by Saleen, Hidden Creek Industries, Phil Frank Design, and Ray Mallock Ltd. with RML taking full credit designing and developing the S7 and produced solely by Saleen in Irvine, California. It is the first car produced by Saleen not based on an existing design. The S7 debuted on August 19, 2000 at the Monterey Historic Races. From 2000 until 2004, the S7 featured a naturally aspirated V8 engine with 550 horsepower. In 2005, the S7 was replaced by the S7 Twin Turbo, which featured a more powerful twin-turbo system that boosted engine power to 750 horsepower (760 PS/559 kW) and the top speed to an estimated 250 mph (402 km/h).

    5.  Mc Laren F1

    The McLaren F1 was formerly the fastest street legal production car in the world, holding this record from 1994 to 2005, the longest period the record has been held by any street legal or production car in the history of automobiles. It was engineered and produced by McLaren Automotive, a subsidiary of the British McLaren Group that, among others, owns the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team. Today, it is still the fastestnaturally aspirated car in the world.

    Beautiful Colleges/Universities Around The World

    1. Flagler College


     2. Rhodes College

    3. New College Of Florida

    4. Vanderbilt University

    5. University Of Virginia

    6. Kenyon College

    Top 5 Most Beautiful Islands :)

    1. Bali Island

    Having previously fallen due to the bombing tragedy in 2002 and 2005, Bali was chosen as the most beautiful islands in the polling conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine that based in New
     York. Bali is very interesting island. Tourist can find many attractions here. There are several 
    beautiful beaches in Bali, meanwhile there’s a traditional culture attraction as well here. Tourist can even see beautiful lakes in the mountainous areas of Bali while next day do surfing in the beach. This is really an island of leisure

    2. Galapagos Island

    This island had ever shifted Bali in 1st rank. The island is famous for the beauty of living in the island. There are many ancient times animals that live in the Galapagos islands.

    3. Cape Breton Island

    Cape Breton Island is part of Nova Scotia province, Canada. Although physically separated from Nova Scotia peninsula by the Canso Strait. But It is artificially connected to mainland Nova Scotia by the Canso Causeway. The island is located in the east-northeast from the mainland while the north and west coastfronting the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, west coast also forming the eastern boundaries of NorthumberlandStrait. Eastern and southern coast face the Atlantic Ocean, the eastern coast also forming the western boundary to Cabot Strait. Mainland slopes upward from south to north, culminating in the highlands of the north cape. One of the world’s largest salt water lake “Bras d’Or” ( Arm of Gold – in English), dominates the center of the island.

    4. Kauai Island

    Kaua’i (usually called Kauai outside the Hawaiian Islands) in Hawaii is the oldest island in Hawaii and the 4th largest, has an area of 1446 km². Also known as the “Garden Island”. Kaua’i lies 105 miles (170km) across the Kaua’i Channel, northwest of Oahu.Derived from the volcano, the highest peak on this mountainous island is Kawaikini at 1.598m (5243 feet). The second highest peak is Mount Waialeale near the center of the island at 1.570 m above sea level. Kauai is the wettest place on Earth, with annual rainfall average is 460 inches (11.700mm). The spot is in the east of Mount Waialeale, annual rainfall has eroded the high valley in the middle of the mountains, carved cliff with a beautiful waterfall.

    5. ,Mount Desert Island 

    Mount Desert Island, in Hancock County, Maine, is the largest island off the coast of Maine. With 108 square miles, It is the 6th largest island in the United States. Although often claimed to be the third largest island in the east coast of the United States, it is only second behind Long Island (and before the Martha’s Vineyard). 

    10 Amazing Facts About Human Body!

    1.  Every atom of our body is said to be billions of years old and our body is 70 percent water.
    2. By the age of 18, the human brains stop growing.  It even begins to lose more than 1,000 brain cells after such age. Your brain comprises only 2 percent of your body weight but uses up to 20 percent of your body’s energy. Your brain never takes a break even when you are sleeping; the brain is busy working to replenish the brain processes needed to function normally while awake.
    3.  An average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva in a lifetime.
    4.  It is impossible to sneeze without blinking your eyes. The highest recorded speed of a human sneeze is 165 kilometer per hour.
    5.  The human body sheds about 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime. Our skin produces antibacterial chemicals to keep germs at a bay. It also produces antimicrobial peptides that protect the body from infection.
    6. You can’t swallow and breathe at the same time; however babies can do this but until they are about nine months.
    7.  Yawning helps you cool your brain. It is an involuntary behavior. When you yawn, the influx of cool air may ventilate your sinuses and facilitate brain cooling.
    8. Your heart is said to beat nearly 3 billion times if you live an average life span of seventy years.
    9.  Your lungs need a lot of breathing room. The total surface area of the lungs is approximately equal to the size of a tennis court.
    10.  Each person has a unique tongue print just like the fingerprints.

    Sunday, 2 June 2013

    Strangest Food Around The World

    Fried - brain sandwiches

    Long before the era of Mad-Cow Disease, a sandwich made from fried calves' brain, thinly sliced on white bread was a common item on the menus in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The sandwich is still available in the Ohio River Valley, where the brains are now heavily battered and served on hamburger buns. In El Salvador and Mexico beef brains, lovingly called sesos in Spanish, are used in tacos and burritos. The brains have a mushy texture and very little flavor on their own so the addition of copious amounts of hot sauce definitely helps.


    A traditional Scottish dish, haggis is made with the minced heart, liver and lung of a sheep mixed with onion, spices, oatmeal, salt and stock, and boiled in the sheep's stomach for a few hours. Larousse Gastronomique, a popular encyclopedia of gastronomic delights, claims that haggis has "an excellent nutty texture and delicious savory flavor." Haggis is available year-round in Scottish supermarkets and made with an artificial casing rather than a sheep’s stomach. In fact some are sold in cans to be heated in a microwave before eating. Similar dishes can be found in other European countries with goat, pork or beef used instead of sheep


    The practice of eating insects for food is called entomophagy and is fairly common in many parts of the world, with the exceptions of Europe and North America (though bugs are apparently a favorite with the television show "Fear Factor"). It is not uncommon to find vendors selling fried grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, spiders and worms on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Insects are high in protein and apparently consist of important fatty acids and vitamins. In fact flour from drying and grinding up mealworm can be and is often used to make chocolate chip cookies. So next time you think there is a fly in your soup, it may actually just be part of the presentation.

    Rocky Mountain Oysters
    What is so strange about oysters? Probably the fact that they're not the kind you find at the bottom of the ocean, but rather a fancy name given to deep-fried testicles of a buffalo, bull or boar. Rocky Mountain oysters (also called Prairie Oysters) are well-known and regularly enjoyed, in certain parts of the United States and Canada, generally where cattle ranching is prevalent. The testicles are peeled, boiled, rolled in a flour mixture, and fried, then generally served with a nice cocktail sauce.

    Stuffed Camel
    The recipe for a whole stuffed camel kind of reads like a bad joke, with ingredients that include one whole camel, one whole lamb and 20 whole chickens. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the recipe as the largest item on any menu in the world, conveniently leaving out any concrete examples of this dish actually being eaten. Legend has it that that a whole stuffed camel is a traditional Bedouin dish seemingly prepared like a Russian Stacking Doll, where a camel is stuffed with a whole lamb, the lamb stuffed with the chickens and the chickens stuffed with eggs and rice. The entire concoction is then barbecued until cooked and served. Fact or fiction, the shear amount of food created by this dish makes it deserving of a place on the list.

    Unique House!

    UFO House in Taiwan

    This UFO house in Taiwan look scary, but has confirmed there’s no Alien within icon smile Top 9 Most Unique Houses in The World

     Shoes House in Pennsylvania, United States

    Seems to be a big fan of fairy tale live here. Shoes homes in Pennsylvania, United States form the shoe in all aspects, except the bottom of the shoes.

     Hole House in Texas, United States
    This hole house in Texas, the United States is likely an art project rather than a result of the extraordinaryaccident. Whatever it is, this house could be said unique. Isn’t It?

    Cob House in Vancouver, Canada

    We have to be amazed that this cob House in Vancouver, Canada is made of pure clay, sand, straw and water

     Dome House in Florida, United States

    Dome House in Florida, United States, is the beautiful white house with unique dome architecture.

     Cubic House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Cubic houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a collection of houses that together form a geometric cube. Interesting factor here is how this house is maintained to keep from falling by balancing one another.