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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Unique House!

UFO House in Taiwan

This UFO house in Taiwan look scary, but has confirmed there’s no Alien within icon smile Top 9 Most Unique Houses in The World

 Shoes House in Pennsylvania, United States

Seems to be a big fan of fairy tale live here. Shoes homes in Pennsylvania, United States form the shoe in all aspects, except the bottom of the shoes.

 Hole House in Texas, United States
This hole house in Texas, the United States is likely an art project rather than a result of the extraordinaryaccident. Whatever it is, this house could be said unique. Isn’t It?

Cob House in Vancouver, Canada

We have to be amazed that this cob House in Vancouver, Canada is made of pure clay, sand, straw and water

 Dome House in Florida, United States

Dome House in Florida, United States, is the beautiful white house with unique dome architecture.

 Cubic House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cubic houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a collection of houses that together form a geometric cube. Interesting factor here is how this house is maintained to keep from falling by balancing one another.


  1. very stunning look of this unique home. did not think to build a house like this...huhu.. nice info. :-)

  2. hahaha.maybe we can build it together later :)

    1. haha....likely wait to be engineers..:-)

  3. i wish ufo is my house !!

  4. cubic house so scary !!